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Want to train with me? Let’s crush YOUR goals!

Sweat with Serena training will change your life–

by joining the SWS squad you will get:

Customized Workouts

Nutrition Advice

Frequent Check-ins + Support


All training is done completely online–I make video guides for you to follow in an app called Trainerize, and you have the freedom to workout wherever you want! With Trainerize as an aid, we can message each other, log progress photos, keep track of your workout stats, and have accountability with the workout checkin feature! If you don’t like the format of the videos I make for you or want to change up your plan at any time, your wish is my command. I am here to help you become the BEST you possible! Click here to contact me about training. 🙂

What’s it going to cost me?

It is my goal to make personal training as accessible and affordable to you as possible. Feel free to contact me with any pricing inquiries!

$100 initiation + plan creation [one time fee]

Membership Options

$100 per month

$480 6-month prepay ($80/month!)


+$50 per month for full nutrition program

$50 in person session [per session]

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